Our Bella at 9 weeks of age

Yogi  x Pooh Bear puppy at 8 weeks ~ Smooth Coat

Yogi x Jewel puppy at 8 weeks of age
with my Granddaughter Madisyn.

Max x Sidney puppy ~ Lives with Yolanda in NJ

These two girls live with Eddie and Wendy in Missouri.  Thank you Wendy for this absolutely precious photo.

Max x Lady puppies ~ Lexi and Cocoa met the Easter Bunny in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Lexi and Cocoa in Albuquerque, New Mexico ~ looking fashionable.

Taos  leading his horse ~ to water maybe

“Bunny” at 10 weeks.

Max x Sidney puppy ~ Having a tea party
with my new best friend in Montana

Ruby with her new little brother.

Grizz went to live in Alaska and was recently joined by his new little brother Chester.

Taos got a new kitten ~ he loves his kitties.

Liberty lives in Iowa

Come on mom ~ Im ready to go!

Hey guys… this pool is getting a little small

5 month old Tiberius exploring in Utah

Maximus in Georgia

Clyde exploring on his first day home
in New Hampshire

One of our favorite puppies was Walter.  He was quite a little character and went to a wonderful home with Naomi in Denver, CO.

~Walter at the office~

~Walter looks at home on the boat~

Jack went to live with Scott, also in Denver, CO only 10 miles from Walter.   Walter and Jack meet at the office for a play date.  Walter seemed intrigued by his younger 1/2 brother.

Isabella (Bella) went to live with Brittney and SueAnn in Massachusetts. They said she loves to ride the 4-Wheeler with Dad on the farm. I love it:-)

This pretty girl went to live in Florida with Patricia and her family.

She has her own little girl to love.

Exploring the sandy white beach.

Spaghetti went to live with Kate in Ohio.  He is a very spoiled puppy.  Thank you Kate.

Lexi and Mercedes.  They are two very spoiled girls.